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  • Final Draft Teacher Discount

    Final Draft Teacher Discount

    Final Draft is the #1 trusted screenwriting software used by 95% of film and television productions. They are offering a teacher discount! Teacher Discount Does Final Draft offer a teacher discount?Yes, teachers save 30% and get all the benefits of a full Final Draft license upon verification of academic status! View Teacher Discount

  • HDR Soft Teacher Discount

    HDR Soft Teacher Discount

    HDR Soft offers state-of-the-art photo editing tools. Teachers who want to use their software for educational purposes can now do so with the academic pricing they offer! Teacher Discount Does HDR Soft offer a teacher discount?Yes, HDR Soft offers 2 types of academic pricing to teachers who plan to use Photomatix for educational purposes: the…

  • Basecamp Teacher Discount

    Basecamp Teacher Discount

    Basecamp is an application that improves project workflow and team communication, whether it’s at work or your own personal project. Teachers can get a free account! Teacher Discount Does Basecamp offer a teacher discount?Yes, Basecamp offers a free account for teachers at a K-12 school or university. View Teacher Discount

  • Cartographica Teacher Discount

    Cartographica Teacher Discount

    Cartographica is a Geographic Information System (GIS) software you can use to create maps and analyze data in order to explore the world around you. If you’re a teacher who teaches geography, cartography, or any similar field, you should take advantage of their educator discount! Teacher Discount Does Cartographica offer a teacher discount?Yes, Cartographica offers…

  • Ableton Teacher Discount

    Ableton Teacher Discount

    Ableton is a German music software company that makes Push and Live, hardware and software for music production, creation and performance. Teacher Discount Does Ableton offer a teacher discount?Yes, Ableton offers teachers a discount of 40% on Live 10 Standard or Suite. You can also benefit from the discount when buying Live with Push. Free…

  • Targus Teacher Discount

    Targus Teacher Discount

    The Targus Corporation is a US-based manufacturer of accessories mostly related to mobile computing, photography, and locks. They offer a teacher discount! Teacher Discount Does Targus offer a teacher discount?Yes, Targus offers teachers (at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary level) a 25% discount on all Targus laptop bags, tablet cases, docking stations, and computer accessories!…

  • ABBYY Teacher Discount

    ABBYY Teacher Discount

    ABBYY is the universal PDF tool for students and teachers. In addition to equipping teachers, ABBYY offers them a special discount. Teacher Discount ABBYY honors teachers with up to 30% off software!

  • Verizon Teacher Discount

    Verizon Teacher Discount

    Verizon is the largest 4G LTE network with the latest cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and more. Verizon offers ways for teachers to save on both wireless plans and home Internet. In this article, we show you how to get and keep the teacher discounts on Verizon wireless and FIOS internet. Verizon Teacher Discounts Verizon offers exclusive…

  • Adafruit Teacher Discount

    Adafruit Teacher Discount

    Adafruit’s goal is to make the world a better place through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. In order to promote electronic teaching in schools, they are offering special discount for teachers! Teacher Discount Adafruit offers volume discounts and special offers to educators. If you are an educator and plan to place a large order for…

  • E-Z Rent-A-Car Teacher Discount

    E-Z Rent-A-Car Teacher Discount

    E-Z Rent-A-Car is the place to go for affordable economy and luxury car rentals. Teachers can save even more with an exclusive teacher discount. Teacher Discount Teachers can save 10% on car rentals.

  • General Motors Teacher Discount

    General Motors Teacher Discount

    General Motors is a vehicle designer, manufacturer, marketer, and distributer that is home to brands like Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet. Whether or not they take a car to school, teachers should take advantage of the special teacher discount! General Motors Educator Discount Program The General Motors Educator Discount Program provides eligible Participants with the opportunity to purchase/lease…

  • Silhouette Teacher Discount

    Silhouette Teacher Discount

    Silhouette specializes in design tools such as machines, heat transfers, fabric inc, and other essentials. Teachers can save on Silhouette products via their Educator Discount Program. Teacher Discount Silhouette offers a special direct discount for Silhouette products purchased through to qualifying educational facilities and licensed non-profit organizations. This program is only valid in the…

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